Staff Augmentation

Whether you are a start-up or growing business you need experienced and skilled resources. After months of research, you find a suitable fit, but the candidate is over your budget. Another candidate who fits in the budget, but has lesser skills and experiences.

Despite not finding the desirable talent you have to bear the operational cost and pain which includes providing workstation, and employment visa, relocation allowance, medical benefits, family supports, accommodation, taxes, and other benefits.

In addition, you need to consider the personal growth of the candidate by providing professional training, promotion, performance appraisals, extracurricular activities and more. Considering all this does it seem to be cost-effective?

It is critical to have the exact amount of staff as sometimes the demand may be extensive resources for a particular department while sometimes the same department can do well with lesser employees. With Arise Global Services Staff Augmentation services you will have the flexibility to meet changing staff demands.

Our service has an extremely transparent cost structure. You would not have to worry about the administrative and organizational expenses regarding other facilities. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to focus on the main business model rather than managing the additional staff.

In few cases, specialized skill sets may be required for one project or business need but the same skills might not be necessary in the future. Arise Global Services are there for you in such cases

Rapid development process to flawless & seamless project deliveryWhile being understaffed can be challenging, being overstaffed can be an equally tough situation. Staff augmentation makes it possible to temporarily upgrade staff numbers so that it’s not necessary to scale down after demand has been fulfilled.

While firms benefit from the professionals provided through vendors, they still retain total control over their work and management. The management still remains in hand. The control over management allows firms to maintain a stronghold over their projects and shape them in any desired manner.